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some FAQ's....

  • Do I have to be a student to be mentored?
    Absolutely not. Just by identifying that you think I could be a positive influence in your life qualifies you to be mentored by me. I will be able to help you be the best version that you could be.
  • Is there any criteria?
    Social and economic background along with race and sexual orientation is completely irrelevant. You simply must be open minded to accept my help and the prior agreed reactions to any bad decisions and life choices that you make.
  • Is there any cost?
    Only if you can afford to contribute towards the cost of the meeting etc.. As most students are on a limited budget its free of charge! There is no cost for my help other than your trust and honesty.
  • I've never been spanked, will it hurt?"
    Yes it will. But any punishment given will only be for the reasons that we both agreed upon at the initial meeting. No spanking would ever be unwarranted. Your bottom's fate is in your hands!
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